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How much is an acre of farmland within meatafrik farm estate?

Our farm estate is structured to be inclusive and sustainable. You can get an acre of Farmland on the MeatAfrik Farm Estate for as low as 400,000 Naira

Can I start a Farm without experience?

One of our founding principles is community. This means you can always learn fromco-farmers who belong to our community regardless of your current level of knowledge orexperience.

We also work with a team of agricultural experts whoare ready to provide consultancyservices along your farming journey.

What is a farm estate?

A farm estate is an area of land opened up for communal/collective farming. It allows farmers to share resources and basic expenses/overhead in running their farms.

How many pigs do you need to start a pig farm?

From One till infinity.

Is MeatAfrik an investment company?

No, we are not an investment Company. Although one of our goals is to bring increase to the Farming Communities in Africa

How much does it cost to start pig farming with the MeatAfrik Team?

Depending on your capacity, you will need a minimum of 300k to raise 10 hogs.